He restores my soul.
He. Restores. My. Soul. (Psalm 23:3)

He, God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Yahweh, the covenant keeping God.
The One who spoke the world into being.
The One who knows me, loves me and died for me to know Him and love Him.

Restores. Present tense. A continual action. A right now kind of restoring.
From the original “shub” meaning to turn back, return back.

My. Me with all my thoughts, complications and circumstances.

Soul. The deepest place within. My secret place where I let the enemy lie to me as I try to hide insecurities and fears. The place within me that easily wanders from the only One who can return me to Himself.

He restores my soul, turning me back to intimacy with Himself. He leads me in paths of righteousness, making the next right choice before me. For the sake of His name, He puts His own character and name on the line, making Himself vulnerable to me so I might mimic His character, choices and actions once He has brought restoration, redemption, returning, healing to my weary, wandering soul.

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