Soul Tending in Summer

Summer. Typically the season of an overflowing garden, bright, red tomatoes and an abundance of jalapeños, just waiting to be picked for the next batch of salsa.

This year has been different.

I diligently prepped and planted in early spring, as usual. But then the late frost hit, covering the tomatoes with a sheet of white, despite my attempt to cover them the night before. Then the late spring drought hit and seemed to suck the moisture out even as I watered.

Then life hit. Construction in our house and yard consumed me in time for the crises to hit. The diagnosis, the heart attack, the accident, the runs to urgent care all swept in and pulled me further from the garden.

The garden dried up in the summer sun, fruitless, as a result of my failure to tend it.

Just as I have physically failed to tend the garden, I have had seasons where I have failed to let the Gardener tend my soul. I have walked through seasons where I was not living planted by the stream of water but rather living in the anxiety of my own strength, easily zapped by the heat of the trial and consumed by the surrounding weeds.

Psalm 1:3 teaches that the one who is planted by streams of water will yield fruit in his season. Even the heat of summer will not dry up the one who is planted by the Living Water.

Life offers dry summer seasons, creeping weeds and thorns galore. But there is a Gardener who offers to tend our soul by His Word when we willingly pause and let the Living Water soak in.

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I’m Mariel & I invite you to greater intimacy with God through His Word for yourself, using my TEND method of Bible study.

18 thoughts on “Soul Tending in Summer”

  1. I really like this post. It is easy to get drawn into life’s problems and forget that we cannot solve them without the help of our heavenly father. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Your words are a good reminder for us all, although I’m sad to read of your summer struggles! You are in my heart and prayers today. I know you are grateful for God’s abiding presence through it all. Thanks for your inspiration in all seasons.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had a challenging summer, but there’s a really good message in this post.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    May the Lord bless you with sunnier days ahead.

  4. I am sorry for everything you have been through in the last year. Saying a prayer for you and your family right now. I loved the inclusion of Ps 1:3 here. It is much like Jer. 17:7-8 which I have been working on memorizing this year. Pleased to visit you from the remember me Monday link up.

    • Lauren,
      Thank you so much for praying for our family. Yes, I love the parallel of PS 1:3 and Jer. 17:7-8, what a great connection and verse to memorize! Thank you for reading 🙂

  5. Mariel, my heart aches for you, for all the chaos, the disappointment of plans unfulfilled, the loss. Lifting you up in prayer and grateful for your testimony of faith in the tender of your soul.

  6. You had several profound statements, Mariel, “I have had seasons where I have failed to let the Gardener tend my soul.” And the hope, “There is a Gardener who offers to tend our soul by His Word when we willingly pause and let the Living Water soak in.”

    I hope your crisis situation has turned into a season of healing and recovery, Mariel. And I hope your construction projects bring their desired results. And have you thought about having a ‘second chance’ garden by buying store bought plants and transplanting them?

    • Lisa, thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comment. I love the second chance garden idea, might be a lovely way to redeem the garden this year❤

  7. Wow, it sounds like you’ve had a really challenging summer Mariel!
    But praising God that He has carried you through.

    We’re in a very cold winter here in Australia. So your words & experience above resonate for both seasons. 🤗

    It also sounds as though you may enjoy a lovely cuppa, your most welcome to join me at Tea With Jennifer.
    Bless you,


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