a season of fresh entrusting

Life seasons flow through the calendar like water on the shore. We see some of them coming like gentle waves creeping in and some of them hit us from the backside, knocking the wind right out of us! We slowly built up to the season when my youngest son would graduate high school. It hadContinue reading “a season of fresh entrusting”

chasing the sunrise

{five minute friday: sunrise} It was still dark when he pulled his black van into the driveway. I poured the coffee into my cup, pressed on the lid and slipped out the door. My brother and I were becoming sunrise chasers, it seemed. The thought brought a smile to my face. Gratitude filled my heartContinue reading “chasing the sunrise”

who could use a cup of mercy?

{five minute friday: mercy} There was a person who owed a great debt, far greater than their ability to pay, even in their total lifetime of working. The one to whom the debt was owed had power enough to severely punish this person until the great debt was fully paid. Instead mercy was extended. IContinue reading “who could use a cup of mercy?”