how to conclude well

{five minute friday: conclude} Everything here has a conclusion. There is an end of the day, end to the year, end to the mortal life. Eventually everything ends. Everything but God and the heavenly realm He fills. The year is ending, finally. But the troubles may not yet be ending. For some they might onlyContinue reading “how to conclude well”

roses among thorns

Early December, early morning and there’s frost on the ground for the first time this season. Not a welcome sight on this anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Looking out at the unexpected icy white lawn did seem fitting for the unexpected loss we felt two years ago as my Dad passed into Heaven. Sitting downContinue reading “roses among thorns”

a fresh start and renewed focus

As November draws to a close and the year that has tried us all in so many ways finally wanes to a close, I wonder what the calendar changing will actually bring for us. I have heard it said that insanity is continuing to do the same thing but expecting different results. If that isContinue reading “a fresh start and renewed focus”