when you don’t want to stay

five minute friday: stay He was in chains, held in jail for preaching the gospel. He would be martyred there for the sake of Christ. He asked other believers to pray for him. Had he asked me, I would pray “Lord, release him. Give him safety and freedom from this painful circumstance and frightening experience.”Continue reading “when you don’t want to stay”

a new perspective

Perspective is everything. Isn’t it?When we see from the perspective before us, we will think from our vantage point and thus live out of that. What other perspective is there? I only have but my own eyes and story from which to proceed so how can I shift to any other perspective? Sometimes that shiftContinue reading “a new perspective”


At five feet even, I always seem to find myself reaching. Books on the shelf, frozen veggies in the grocery store, boxes in the closet. Always reaching up, often on tippy toes.Metaphorically, I have found myself reaching often too. Another glass of wine,  social media scrolling, texts to friends. Anything to numb, distract and fillContinue reading “reaching”

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