how to fight the loudness

{five minute friday: loud} Loud, obnoxious, divisive. Our world these days, heck this year, has gotten so roudey that I feel like we are about to hear a loud, “if you can’t settle down back there, I’m pulling over this car.” As a kid in the late 80s that was enough warning for my brotherContinue reading “how to fight the loudness”

who could use a cup of mercy?

{five minute friday: mercy} There was a person who owed a great debt, far greater than their ability to pay, even in their total lifetime of working. The one to whom the debt was owed had power enough to severely punish this person until the great debt was fully paid. Instead mercy was extended. IContinue reading “who could use a cup of mercy?”

who wants to always be right?

{five minute friday: right} The battle rages, the voices get louder and the dividing lines are drawn. We refuse to give up the right to be right and we hold firm and dig our heels in. I know, I’ve done it. No one wants to give up their right to be right, their opportunity toContinue reading “who wants to always be right?”

who wants to make progress?

{five minute friday: progress} Progress is defined as the forward or onward movement toward a destination. So what is the destination or goal? You only know you’re making progress if you know the destination. Every one of us is headed somewhere. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus as Savior have an eternal destinationContinue reading “who wants to make progress?”

how to keep familiarity from killing respect

five minute friday: respect Recently a snake found its way to the garden. Perched on the fence, it watched me water and tend to the tomato plants and pile some jalapenos in my bag. As I walked over to toss the dead leaves over the fence I came nearly eye to eye with him. IContinue reading “how to keep familiarity from killing respect”

living out the truth to the young

five minute friday: young Being young makes you vulnerable to many things. We have much to learn when we’re young. Life, marriage, parenting, relationships, career, trials, pains, losses. Seems the older we get we more we realize we knew so little when we were young. Paul speaks right into this when he writes to hisContinue reading “living out the truth to the young”

how to love those we don’t

How can we love others like Jesus does? Last week the five minute friday community gave the challenge to write on the topic “people”. The more I pondered the passages the Lord led me to in writing this post, the more it wouldn’t let me go. The practical, lived-out “how” always rolls around in myContinue reading “how to love those we don’t”

how can we really see people?

five minute friday:people People. Humans. Inhabitants in the world. Made in the image of God. He remembers we are but mere dust according to Psalm 103:14. And yet He made us fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139:14). He took the time to fashion, make, form and create each one. Not just speaking each into being asContinue reading “how can we really see people?”