how can we really see people?

five minute friday:people People. Humans. Inhabitants in the world. Made in the image of God. He remembers we are but mere dust according to Psalm 103:14. And yet He made us fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139:14). He took the time to fashion, make, form and create each one. Not just speaking each into being asContinue reading “how can we really see people?”

new mercies after compromise

five minute friday: compromise I drank the wine. I ate the cookie. I had told Him I would not. I compromised the fast He called me to. I listened and gave in to what my flesh wanted rather than clinging to the Holy One who never compromises His word, His truth or, thankfully, His steadfastContinue reading “new mercies after compromise”

when the joy is worth the labor

five minute friday: worth I delivered my firstborn son from my inexperienced, 23 year old body without any pain medications after 4 hours of hard labor. It was absolutely terrifying. But as most first time mothers can attest, the labor was worth the weight of holding that wiggly warm newborn in my arms. The joyContinue reading “when the joy is worth the labor”

two important how-tos

five minute friday: how “Pedal, pedal pedal!” I can still hear my Dad’s voice behind me as I pumped my legs on that first two wheel bike with a pink seat and shiny streamers in the handlebars. Learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, learning to tie shoes, are some of the practical how-tosContinue reading “two important how-tos”

when you don’t want to stay

five minute friday: stay He was in chains, held in jail for preaching the gospel. He would be martyred there for the sake of Christ. He asked other believers to pray for him. Had he asked me, I would pray “Lord, release him. Give him safety and freedom from this painful circumstance and frightening experience.”Continue reading “when you don’t want to stay”

moving forward to the unknown

five minute friday: forward 2019 crept in without much fan fare as we huddled close in the wake of the storm that had swept us into an unfamiliar town and a painful season of grief over the greatest loss we had felt to date. But 2019 brought healing in the form of a family vacationContinue reading “moving forward to the unknown”

looking for normal, longing for stability

five minute friday: normal How can there be a normal in the midst of an ever changing life? How can we find a norm when everything keeps changing? These men-children keep growing and going. This man keeps graying, reminding me of my own roots. The bills ebb and flow and, by God’s grace, the provisionContinue reading “looking for normal, longing for stability”

refrain is the fresh start

five minute friday: refrain Refrain. The word immediately stirs up regrets within me. What have I failed to refrain from, withhold from, keep my heart from? Scripture warns the reader, “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life” (Proverbs 4:23). If we are guarding, keeping our hearts, then weContinue reading “refrain is the fresh start”