and waiting some more

We meet deadlines only to wait for the outcome. We are busy and hustling about only to have to wait for the next thing. We wait for results, outcomes and progress. Hurry up and wait is the name of the game so many times.    Ask any young child and they can tell you, waitingContinue reading “and waiting some more”

my part, his part

An old godly man is approached by his God. God speaks of judgment and fearful things, calling the old man to impossible tasks. He has never seen a boat, especially one that size. And rain? Enough to destroy all living things? Yet in such a non emotional way, Scripture seems to just state facts inContinue reading “my part, his part”

the wait

We pray, cry and beg God on behalf of our children, our marriages, our friends, or neighbors. Where is He in the midst of this crazy, chaotic, torn -up world? We fight, strain and complain our way through the day seeking God to do the impossible but seeing nothing change in the day to day. Continue reading “the wait”


Where your focus is, your heart will follow. I have heard this before in many places, but it was highlighted this morning in my time in the opening portion of Genesis 11. Many are familiar with the story of the Tower of Babel, how the men of the land of Shinar find the area andContinue reading “focus”

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