learning gentle rhythms

{five minute friday: gentle} Gentle was the word that erupted from the young woman’s mouth as her young son reached his hand out to pat our excited pup. I wasn’t sure whether it was a command for my dog or her son. Maybe both. We demand gentleness from others but so easily fail to offerContinue reading “learning gentle rhythms”

three ways for cultivating with grace

Welcome to the new year! Something about a fresh start and a new calendar feels so inviting, doesn’t it? Like fresh mercies and grace lies all around us waiting to be gathered. As we step into the new, we must carry with us what we learned before. For me the lack of discipline and theContinue reading “three ways for cultivating with grace”

new mercies after compromise

five minute friday: compromise I drank the wine. I ate the cookie. I had told Him I would not. I compromised the fast He called me to. I listened and gave in to what my flesh wanted rather than clinging to the Holy One who never compromises His word, His truth or, thankfully, His steadfastContinue reading “new mercies after compromise”