who else is easily distracted?

I did it again this morning. I let distraction come before time with the Lord. The buzzing and chiming of the distractions calls to me like the ring to Gollum. My Precious, and my eyes widen and focus on that which is not worthy of that kind of focus or attention. Meanwhile my bible remainsContinue reading “who else is easily distracted?”

moving forward to the unknown

five minute friday: forward 2019 crept in without much fan fare as we huddled close in the wake of the storm that had swept us into an unfamiliar town and a painful season of grief over the greatest loss we had felt to date. But 2019 brought healing in the form of a family vacationContinue reading “moving forward to the unknown”

looking for normal, longing for stability

five minute friday: normal How can there be a normal in the midst of an ever changing life? How can we find a norm when everything keeps changing? These men-children keep growing and going. This man keeps graying, reminding me of my own roots. The bills ebb and flow and, by God’s grace, the provisionContinue reading “looking for normal, longing for stability”