dare to reimagine

Reimagine.Life has a glorious, thrilling and often times hair-raising way of turning out so very differently than we imagined, doesn’t it? When, as a young girl of six, I watched my parents divorce and move to separate states, I never imagined I would be walked down the isle with my arm linked in my Dad’sContinue reading “dare to reimagine”


I step through the picket gate into the small garden and immediately feel my mind lighten. The rustle of the magnolia leaves overhead stir up stillness within my soul. The simplicity of the dirt, the plants, the growing tomatoes in the back end of the yard seem to offer a quietness from the insanity thatContinue reading “rest”


He restores my soul.He. Restores. My. Soul. (Psalm 23:3) He, God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Yahweh, the covenant keeping God.The One who spoke the world into being.The One who knows me, loves me and died for me to know Him and love Him. Restores. Present tense. A continual action. A right now kindContinue reading “restore”


Two hundred thirty-four. That is how many times the Word of God mentions remembering. What is it to remember? It may be a bit like the word implies. Re-membering, to member again, to put back into order. One definition for member is the constituent piece of a complex structure. Aren’t our lives the complex structureContinue reading “re-membering”


At five feet even, I always seem to find myself reaching. Books on the shelf, frozen veggies in the grocery store, boxes in the closet. Always reaching up, often on tippy toes.Metaphorically, I have found myself reaching often too. Another glass of wine,  social media scrolling, texts to friends. Anything to numb, distract and fillContinue reading “reaching”

a rewrite

To begin again. To stare afresh at the blank page. A fresh start with new words and fresh mercies. To rewrite the story is to boldly pick up the pen again, laying aside what was behind and starting fresh with the new. Paul gave us this charge from a prison cell.“Not that I have alreadyContinue reading “a rewrite”

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