how to turn that affliction into testimony

Hindsight is 20/20, we council ourselves and others with this in order to keep pressing on through a difficult season. When will the pain end, the trial evaporate and the fear subside? Life is just hard and offers plenty of opportunities for trials that plumule our hearts and leave us bloody and fearful when theContinue reading “how to turn that affliction into testimony”

how to let Scripture dictate

What is it that dictates our actions? Is it how we feel on a particular day? Or how much sleep we got last night, how well we feel or not? Or is it even our circumstances and how others are acting towards us in any given moment? I am certainly guilty of allowing my circumstancesContinue reading “how to let Scripture dictate”

two important how-tos

five minute friday: how “Pedal, pedal pedal!” I can still hear my Dad’s voice behind me as I pumped my legs on that first two wheel bike with a pink seat and shiny streamers in the handlebars. Learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, learning to tie shoes, are some of the practical how-tosContinue reading “two important how-tos”