breath prayer: tend your soul in seasons of change

Welcome to Tending through the Seasons series, where writers from various seasons of life share how they are tending their soul by the Word of God through their current season. Meet Celia Miller. She is a wife, writer and avid lover, and pursuer of Jesus. She and her husband reside in Greenwood, Indiana with theirContinue reading “breath prayer: tend your soul in seasons of change”

tending tuesday: practical prayer time

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Caitlin Mallery. She is a writer, poet, mom, and all around woman. She wants to chat about the ways we can do ordinary things extraordinarily well. You can find her on Instagram (link at the bottom of post) sharing about poetry and theContinue reading “tending tuesday: practical prayer time”

tending tuesday: five tips for practicing prayer

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce Denise Prosser. She is a wife of 22 years and a mama to 4 daughters from central IL. She has experienced several facets of motherhood including various health issues and international adoption. God has taught her many lessons over the years, and she enjoys sharingContinue reading “tending tuesday: five tips for practicing prayer”

tending tuesday: a connection with Papa

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Pamela Henkelman. Pamela is an enthusiastic encourager with a passion to speak, write, and coach. She believes all of life flows from our intimacy with God. She helps weary, discontent, Christian women build a deep bond with God and understand their identity inContinue reading “tending tuesday: a connection with Papa”

tending tuesday: when it’s not easy to pray

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week, I want to introduce Miriam Kook. She collaborated as a composer and music director with playwright and lyricist Steffi Rubin on a play about adoption called “My Other Mother” which enjoyed two staged readings in the Maryland area recently. She is currently writing her own musical about fatherless girlsContinue reading “tending tuesday: when it’s not easy to pray”

the art of practicing prayer

{Communing with God Series: Part 3} As we seek to spend time practicing prayer, let’s begin by looking at the last two parts of Psalm 51, a prayer of repentance. The first part of the psalm was the “cleansing” part. This is the portion of the psalm where David acknowledges his wrongful behavior. This portionContinue reading “the art of practicing prayer”

from atheist to pray-er

{Communing with God Series: Part 2} Atheists don’t pray. Seems obvious but it bears stating because when God gripped my atheist heart by the power of His Word, I was at a loss for words. That is unusual for this word lover! As I pressed in deeper to the Life-giving Word, I saw such beautifulContinue reading “from atheist to pray-er”

simplicity of communing

{Communing with God Series: Part 1} Prayer is such a seemingly elusive subject. So many wise saints over the centuries have written on prayer and pondered the activity of prayer in such depth. I certainly cannot add much to their wisdom, on the contrary, I have much to learn about the subject. Years ago, aContinue reading “simplicity of communing”

tending tuesday: harnessing peace in chaos

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want you to meet Leslie Konhaeuser. She is a disciple of Jesus, wife to Christian, and mama to Leona and Tobias. She has a passion for inspiring weary moms to find meaningful faith right in the thick of it. She blogs at Mothering by Faith, where she sharesContinue reading “tending tuesday: harnessing peace in chaos”