being heard and seen

Psalm 34:15-18 Ever get the feeling someone is watching you? If you have surrendered your life to Christ, then it is exactly how you should feel. That is a blessing of being His and an encouragement in the face of pain, evil and trouble. He, El Roi, sees you right where you are. In theContinue reading “being heard and seen”

how to teach what you know

Psalm 34:11-14 We cannot teach what we do not possess ourselves. I have nothing to give another that I do not hold in my own hands. That is beautifully demonstrated in this Psalm. It is not until after the Psalmist has tasted and seen for himself that the Lord is good, that he can thenContinue reading “how to teach what you know”

choosing against fears

Psalm 34:8-10 I was an atheist when a fellow teacher at the daycare I worked at put a Bible in my hands and challenged me to read it. I was holding tightly to my claims, yet was intrigued by this friend. I accepted her challenge, mostly figuring that it would give me the ammo IContinue reading “choosing against fears”


Psalm 34:4-7My husband was laid off during the recession in 2009 for eighteen months. Over a year and a half without work for the bread winner in our family. I was homeschooling our two young boys and had no form of income. We had no idea what to do. So we sought the Lord. JustContinue reading “radiate”

speaking fear or faith

Psalm 34:1-3In moments of great fear, we respond in ways that might not be characteristic of us. Fear brings out deep places within us that we might not even know are there. Whether fear comes from a diagnosis, a pandemic, or even something that has played out a what-if story in our minds. As IContinue reading “speaking fear or faith”

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