how to fight the loudness

{five minute friday: loud} Loud, obnoxious, divisive. Our world these days, heck this year, has gotten so roudey that I feel like we are about to hear a loud, “if you can’t settle down back there, I’m pulling over this car.” As a kid in the late 80s that was enough warning for my brotherContinue reading “how to fight the loudness”

sometimes things happen where we least expect

Recently a friend commented to me “Many things happen where we least expect.” I haven’t been able to shake that comment as it has turned around in my mind feeling for a place to wedge in. The thing is that this sort of true statement removes all control from our hands. As if we everContinue reading “sometimes things happen where we least expect”


I step through the picket gate into the small garden and immediately feel my mind lighten. The rustle of the magnolia leaves overhead stir up stillness within my soul. The simplicity of the dirt, the plants, the growing tomatoes in the back end of the yard seem to offer a quietness from the insanity thatContinue reading “rest”

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