pausing to refill for the season ahead

It’s been a hot summer on the coast this year, maybe every year, but this one has been peppered with less hilltop experiences and more valleys and valleys hold the heat more so. So it has been in this post-ish season of pandemics and upheavals both in our personal and cultural life. Just hot, drainingContinue reading “pausing to refill for the season ahead”

reorienting towards the light

Noticing the unusual display of light and shadow on the wall cast by the sunlight, I turned to look for its source. The leaves of the palm I had moved to that corner seemed to glow as the sunlight spilled over it and through its leaves. That’s when I noticed the dry soil and offeredContinue reading “reorienting towards the light”

pausing to take notice

The brisk morning air in spring carries a hint of warmth with it and invites me into the garden. It is a sweet time to water the newly growing plants and I always love to spend time examining every little new flower or small sprout that has formed. In so doing, I won’t miss anythingContinue reading “pausing to take notice”

how to read a love letter

A letter written by my great great grandmother to my great grandmother was put into my hands by my grandmother a couple years ago. It’s a letter written nearly a hundred years ago in Cuba. My son and I poured over it, translating it with fascination. We didn’t want to miss a single detail. DetailsContinue reading “how to read a love letter”

how to prep the soil of your heart

My little garden is in the back end of our yard. It’s tiny but inviting. As I stroll towards it in the morning, I feel the release of the noise falling away and the draw of peace as I near it. The little bench remains on one end, inviting us both, Jesus and I. IContinue reading “how to prep the soil of your heart”

learning to tend by the Word

One thing I have learned after nearly 20 years of homeschooling my boys is I cannot teach what I have not learned. It takes time to learn, to process, and to apply concepts to our life. Learning is not something we can come by in a 200 character caption on social media. This is trueContinue reading “learning to tend by the Word”

3 truths of my designer label

{five minute friday: design} When I look in the mirror these days, I am reminded of the approaching birthday and the extra softness of middle-age. The silver strands in my hair need coloring and the laugh lines are getting deeper. Yet when I choose to tend my thoughts by the Word, I find an allContinue reading “3 truths of my designer label”

how to practice grace through bible study

What does grace mean to you? When you think of grace, do you think of the opposite of discipline? Is it grace to release a child from rightful punishment? According to Scripture grace is actually far more than getting out of a deserved punishment. It does begin there, but grace is part of the characterContinue reading “how to practice grace through bible study”