taking His making to heart

For the third month in a row, I found myself at the bathroom counter, praying for a second line to appear on the pregnancy test.

The first baby made his entrance all too easy. Even before we could completely settle into the idea of a baby, I was nauseous.

But this time was already different. God’s timetable was not mine, apparently. The toddler was getting older and our hope was to fill our home with littles that could grow up together. Each month that wasn’t happening felt like years.

We have goals and plans of these babies, even before they were formed. We loved them before we laid eyes on them.

How much more does God, the Creator, plan for and purpose for us?

There are three words in the original Hebrew language used in the creation. Everything God made is either made, created or formed. Man alone is all three! How can we possibly not recognize how loved and wanted we are?!

Genesis 1:26 tells us God planned among the Trinity to make man. The original word meaning an activity that is performed with a distinct purpose or goal in view. When God decided to make man, it was with purpose and a goal. Nothing was haphazard or unintentional.

He has a purpose for you. He desires man to know Him and make Him known. He desires a relationship with each of us. He is patiently awaiting our hearts to turn to Him.

God also created man in Genesis 1:27. The verb used is one that God alone can perform. It is a shaping and choosing and fashioning. The image is of God bending to gather the dust of the ground. Dirt under His fingernails? Oh the intimacy!

He not only makes us, and creates us but God forms man. Originally forming man from dust and later forming, as if knitting, in the womb. He carefully zips together DNA and shapes eyes, noses and toes just the right way that He sees fit for that individual. He breathes His breath into each pair of lungs, surely with a smile on His face.

I peered deeply at the black and white squirmy images a few months later as the nurse revealed our second baby’s gender to us. Another boy. A baby brother for our precious firstborn. Best friends in the making. We were overjoyed!

God’s timing is always right, even when things don’t turn out our way. He is faithful to make, create and form each one with purpose, that we might seek Him and perhaps feel our way towards Him and find Him (Act 17:27).

God’s timing is always right, even when things don’t turn out our way.

I can see it in my now grown boys that God created with purpose.

All too often I fail to make it personal. I easily forget that in as much as my man and I purpose, desire and love our little ones, it is evil in comparison to God’s love for me (Matthew 7:11).

You and I are made, created and formed by God with the purpose of tending our lives by His Word so we might know Him and make Him known. Let’s rest our minds on that today as a wanted child rests in his mother’s arms.

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