Tending Peace into Real Life

In acceptance lies peace. A phrase written by Amy Carmichael many years ago, that took root in my mind several months ago and has yet to be cut free.

Peace seems to elude us and yet we humans continue to seek after it grasping in it’s direction with desperation.

Through Lent I have been tending one verse at a time into the soil of my soul through Psalm 37. When I came to verse 11 the Holy Spirit seemed to halt me in my tracks.

Peace stood out from that verse like a neon sign. And not just peace, but abundant peace. Oh yes please! Delighting in abundant peace.

Amy Carmichael’s words flooded back into my mind. In acceptance lies peace.

The verse in Psalm 37 teaches that those who find their strength in the Lord, who are meek and not weak, as is often thought, are controlled by God. The meek, those who lean on Him, will inherit the land and they are the ones who will delight in abundant peace.

What lesson do I see in this? What does this verse seem to be teaching?

When my strength is in Him alone, not my own ability, know-how or determination, but in God, then I will delight in peace that is abundant. Plenty of peace, overflowing peace, a multitude of peace.

Not that my circumstances or relationships will be at peace. Not that the fallen world around me will have peace. But I, in all the trials and pain, will overflow with peace, God’s peace.

So how do I respond to this in the dailiness of my life, while folding laundry, homeschooling a high schooler, writing, and serving in all the responsibilities? How as a wife of 20+ years, mom of older kids and daughter of an aging mother, how do I apply that to my day today?

How can you, right where you are, in your very real life, respond to such a hope-filled ancient truth?

We lean on Him. We let our strength be Him, thus live meekly, as Jesus did. Depending on the Father.

We accept the right here. We accept the right now. Because in acceptance lies peace.

Peace does feel ellusive, until we come near to the Lord and realize the truth of the Word that teaches that peace is now a what but a Who. He is peace. He is also sovereign.

If He has placed me in this day, this trial, this responsibility, this home, this family, then accepting that is trusting Him and in trusting Him there is abundant peace.

It is more than grin and bear it trust, though.

It is delight.

It is joyful acceptance that right in the pain, in the hard, in the mundane, in the wearisome, He is near. He hears. He sees. He holds. He knows. He loves. And He delights in you, so let us return again to Him and delight these tired hearts in Him. Letting the peace that passes all understanding flood our hearts and minds for just a moment.

So let’s take a slow deep breath, close our eyes and accept where He has us and thus let His peace have it’s rule (Colossians 3:15).

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  1. Mariel, I couldn’t agree more, acceptance really is the key, the doorway to peace. When we leave outcomes with God, we need not fret about each thing we face in this day. Thank you for this peaceful respite!


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