tending together

Togetherness bears more fruit than aloneness ever could. Like companion planting in a garden, believers in the family of God are called to gather together to pray, sharpen, encourage one another. As we come together to share what God is teaching us in Bible study, we grow to bear much fruit for His glory.

You are invited to join me in the membership community, Tending by the Word Together.

In Tending Together you will find:

  • community (similar to a Facebook group but not on Facebook) to encourage, grow and pray together
  • refreshment by the word of God
  • guidance with tools to keep tending your soul
  • consistent LIVE teachings
  • discounts on products and TEND Gathering Bible Studies
  • & so much more!

What participants are saying:

My relationship with the Lord has grown in such a big way through this! Highly recommend!

I love Mariel’s passion and love for the Lord and have been blessed by joining her in digging deeper and “tending God’s Word into my soul”.

I’m not a scripture master, far from it, and TENDing has nurtured me along. TENDing has helped me look more deeply to find God in what I’m reading. TENDing will bless your life.

Ready to gather with like-minded believers and seek to Tend our souls by the word Together?