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Welcome to *Tending Tuesday*, our opportunity to hear a fellow writer’s voice, one who is seeking to encourage others in their walk with Jesus while tending her own life by the Word of God.

Meet Leah Adams, one of the first bloggers I met on my first blogging go round many years ago

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An anointed mentor, coach, speaker and author, Leah’s passion is helping others experience the freedom and peace in life, relationships, faith, and finances that comes from knowing and following Jesus.

Leah is a Spiritual Development Mentor/Life Coach, Financial Coach certified by Ramsey Solutions®, and the author of four Bible studies and a devotion book. She holds a Pharmacy Doctorate degree from Mercer College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and is recently retired as a pharmacist. Leah feels privileged to be part of the Compassion International speaker team, and loves being a Compassion sponsor for three girls. She is called Mom by two adult children and one socially awkward dog. Leah lives in northern Georgia with her husband, Greg, who is also her dentist and personal pilot. Her hobbies include reading, baking, traveling, and savoring her first cup of coffee in the morning.

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  • Leah’s newest Bible Study is James: A Recipe for a Living Faith and she is generously *giving it away* it to one reader who leaves a comment below this post on how YOU tend your way by the word~ 👇

Now let’s see what Leah has to say about tending her way according to the Word…

Over the last few years, the Lord has been tending to my heart by helping me understand the concept of His sovereignty in a deeper and more personal way.

The word ‘sovereignty’ lends the idea of absolute power and absolute authority, which pretty well describes God. Yet, so often I settle for a lesser God. A God who might need my ‘help’ in managing the universe? You, too?

Our sovereign God led me to memorize several passages of Scripture that focus on His sovereignty, while showing the tenderness of His heart toward me. Psalm 91, Psalm 139, Isaiah 40:21-31, Philippians 4:6-7 all became permanently imprinted on my heart, reminding me of God’s absolute power and absolute authority.

The result of tending to my heart through memorizing Scripture about the sovereignty of God is that I am able to view the events of the world and the needs listed in my prayer journal through the lens of God’s sovereignty. I know that God does ALL things well, and that He truly is working everything out according to His plan and purposes.

Some would say I have a naïve faith. Perhaps. I prefer to view it as a child-like faith in a Father who loves His children deeply and desires for them to trust Him completely.

Does that mean that I never doubt or fret?

Hmmm, I wish. I am human, Type A, and an Enneagram 1, which means I like to control and have a nice, tidy, well-planned life.

Sure, I doubt and fret sometimes, but each time the Holy Spirit draws me back to remember the Sovereignty of God and His tender care of His children. In that moment, my heart and spirit are calmed and I rest in the sovereignty of God, knowing that whatever He allows is part of His plan.

How well does your heart trust in the sovereignty of God?

I invite you to keep in touch with Leah through the links below. *Remember to comment below for your chance to win her latest Bible study, James: a Recipe for a Living Faith. **Entries accepted until 11:59pm EST Wednesday, October 7th, 2020. Continental US only**

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32 thoughts on “Tending Tuesday and *a giveaway*

  1. Tending our hearts through Scripture memory is so good. As a planner and organizer myself I relate to the need for God’s Sovereignty to be made known in my day to day life.

  2. Love the term “tend”. Oh, how it thrills my soul to remember that the Lord will help me grow. I need to do my part by studying His Word and spending time in prayer daily.

  3. I definitely have Scripture that I go to in times of doubt or trial and also music really speaks to me when I am hurting.

  4. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I love studying the book of James (and I love the cover of this study!) I tend my faith with a daily reading from the Bible (I’m developing a new “habit,” as I had lapsed), and I have joined a weekly prayer group where we use scripture to pray for our children, their teachers, and their schools. Praying the scriptures is powerful!

  5. I love this post!
    I sometimes have difficulty defining “sovereignty” when applied to God. I will hold this definition in my heart.
    Thank you,

  6. I use one big soft dice (Dollar Tree) to roll before each Devotional time—roll once on odd day & twice on even day. Here are the choices: 1/Invite God 2/Be still (I use “breathe” app on iPhone) 3/Kneel as read verse 4/Sing a chorus 5/Light a candle(battery votive) 6/Read verse aloud 7/Read a Psalm 8/Repent(Ps139:23-24) 9/Say a memory verse 10/Share verse with a friend 11/Give yourself “grace” 12/Review yesterday’s verse

  7. First, thank you for hosting the giveaway. I tend my faith garden mostly through Bible studies. I’ve never read the Bible from start to finish so that has become a new goal. Won’t try to do it in a year as I just want to take my time. Also, I don’t have a lot of extra time when I’m participating in a study but hope to make it a habit to get in a few minutes each day to read through.

    1. oh I love that! The first time I read through the bible in a year was HUGE to me!! I am praying about doing it in 2021…maybe with a small group of those interested in joining me online 😉

  8. What keeps me on my toes when it comes to Bible study is to use different Bible study methods. This helps me see a passage in different ways.

  9. I like doing group bible studies, best, with weekly classes and homework. One of my favorites was Beth Moore’s study of James, about 4 or 5 years ago.

    I am trying to do some studies virtually, but I really miss the connection.

    I read scripture every day and try to write a one line take away each day on a monthly sheet that I keep.

  10. I would love to win the James Bible study, it is one of my favorites. Listening to worship music is one of my favorite ways to tend my garden and can be so powerful.

  11. I love using the YouVersion Bible app and reading plans. I’m currently doing the chronological through the Bible in a year plan. Keeps me on track and breaks it down into chunks for reading and reflection. I have a love for all things pens and paper, and spend time journaling what the Spirit presses into my thoughts. I process as I write so everything makes more sense once put on paper!

  12. Thank you all for participating and sharing about your own tending experience. According to random generator, Andria Kaskey has won Leah’s study!!🥳 May the Lord use it mightily for His glory!

  13. ‘Knowing that whatever He allows is part of His plan’ – this knowledge has calmed me many times. Although I sometimes forget, thank God for his Holy Spirit that always reminds us!

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