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This week I want to introduce Denise Prosser. She is a wife of 22 years and a mama to 4 daughters from central IL. She has experienced several facets of motherhood including various health issues and international adoption. God has taught her many lessons over the years, and she enjoys sharing them with others. Her passion is equipping and encouraging mamas whose goal it is to raise godly families. She enjoys using God’s Word to point them to the peace and freedom God longs to give them.

Here is how Denise tends her way by the Word…

My favorite spiritual practice is prayer!

I love letters and words! I also have a very compartmentalized brain. Several years ago, I became aware that life (mine and others) deserves more prayer attention than I was giving. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of needs, I wanted a way to make my prayer life more inclusive. Over time, God gave me five strategies.

1.I developed a weekly prayer schedule based on words that start with the same letter as that day of the week. I pray for myself and my family and for others.

  • Monday prayers are about my marriage, mothering, music (I write songs and am a music therapist), and ministry.
  • Tuesday, the focus is thoughts and togetherness. I pray for what and how I think, my relationships, and the relationships of loved ones.
  • Wednesday is about work. This includes my various responsibilities, my husband’s construction company, businesses run by folks we know, those seeking employment, etc.
  • Thursday, “H is for healing” since the “T” is covered on Tuesday. Prayers focus on physical, mental, emotional, relational, and financial healing.
  • Friday, I pray for families. This includes our extended family, adoptive and foster families, those with prodigals, etc.
  • Saturday focuses on stewarding time, talents, money, words, children, relationships.
  • Sunday is about spiritual things: I pray for the lost, for churches around the world, pastors and missionaries, prominent Christian leaders, and various ministries.

2. Sometimes, I devote my prayer time to a specific family member such as my parents, husband, or children. Stormie O’martian has wonderful books and ideas about praying for husbands and children!

3. Praying for the lost is so important! This can seem overwhelming because of how many I know! Compartmentalizing these folks helps my brain to pray for more people. I pray for family members, friends, coworkers, school mates, instructors/professors I had, and acquaintances from communities in which I’ve lived.

I pray for them as groups as above, or I choose one group and name as many people as possible from that group. One thing I’ve noticed with this is that although I have prayed for a group multiple times, God may give me a name of a person I haven’t thought of in decades!

God has given me unusual prayer strategies over the years!

4. I pray the “Name Prayer.” I think of a first name and pray for every person I can think of with that name. I’m often surprised by a name I’ve prayed before when God gives me people long forgotten! Often, as I pray over a particular name, God will give me another name. Sometimes, as I ask for His direction in prayer, I pray for people I don’t even know!

5. I use the “Hundreds of people” prayer. I pray for groups such as abuse victims, foster kids, former foster kids, adoptive families, addicts and their families, victims of human trafficking, the homeless, the impoverished, pregnant women, families facing infertility, etc. When we broaden our prayers, we broaden their impact.

The prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Prayer is a power tool in our hands against the forces of darkness and for God’s people. If we ask God to help us pray, He will! If we seek His wisdom and creative ways to pray, He is faithful to provide!

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