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Welcome to Tending Tuesday!

This week I want to introduce you to Caitlin Mallery. She is a writer, poet, mom, and all around woman. She wants to chat about the ways we can do ordinary things extraordinarily well. You can find her on Instagram (link at the bottom of post) sharing about poetry and the fruit of the Spirit, as well as her latest baking project. Check out her podcast with her kids, Mama Bear Chats, on Spotify.

Here is how Caitlin tends her life by the Word…

Knowing that we have a soul is the root of all spiritual practices, just as knowing that we have a body is the root of all physical practices.

Our body expresses needs thru stomach rumblings, twinges of pain, and other symptoms that we learn from earliest infancy to interpret our needs by.

The nuance of soul needs takes considerable more attention. Irritability, anxiety, even exhaustion can be symptoms of our soul’s condition, more than even our body.

If I feed my body at regular intervals with quality substances it will mostly not interrupt the accomplishment of the work I need to do.

The same is true of my soul. If I wish to maintain its state of health I need to have regular practices. Just as the quickest way to satisfy my hunger is to have a pantry full of food, I need to have a pantry of tools that will assist me in the feeding of my soul.

Today I will share some of the tools that I keep in my pantry.

The age of apps on our phones can easily cause us to be distracted. However I found (often through recommendations on social media) many apps that can be of aid in our spiritual practice.

I use the Dwell app for my audio Bible. They have a great many options for reading through the Bible in a year, as well as playlists for seasons and struggles. With a selection of readers to listen too, as well as different translations, it makes it easy for me to listen to several passages while I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

She Reads Truth has provided an app that has many devotional plans, and is where I keep the Bible to reference on my phone.

Another app that I find truly beautiful is the Lectio 365. This app provides a meditation practice thru scripture. I like to use it in the evening before going to sleep.

I have prayer books including the Book of Common prayer, which I find useful when I am trying to sit down and have a prayer time. Using prayer books has given me a framework to follow for prayers, giving me cues to focus my attention.

Often I feel that I lack a way of expressing the prayers that are needed.

This is when I reach for a collection of prayers. There are titles like, For Times of Sickness and Before a Surgery, for Blessing a New Home, for times of anger or sorrow. These prayers are often written by men and women who have been turning to God far longer than I have.

They are like a coat rack. I enter the home and hang up my coat on these prayers, letting them lead me to God, and to the ways I want to pour out my own heart to God.

Finding the ways to support my soul while living a life that is full from dawn till dusk, and then staying up through the nights with children and babies, is about finding the tools to fill your pantry.

By having these tools at my disposal I can reach for them at the slight rumblings within my soul. I have known many lovely people who seem to have a direct line to God. Those are people who have filled their pantries with food and created rhythms that work for them to connect to God. They are generous when sharing their food as well.

So hang your coat on their prayers, and gather from their pantry of spiritual tools, and may it be well with your soul.

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