Tending Tuesday: taking time to tend

Welcome to *Tending Tuesday*, our opportunity to hear a fellow writer’s voice, one who is seeking to encourage others in their walk with Jesus while tending her own life by the Word of God.

Meet Joy Marker…

Joy Marker is a hope*writer who reflects on ordinary everyday moments, as well as unexpected and difficult journeys we sometimes are called to travel.  After an unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, she felt called to share her story and journey with others.  Believing that while we can not always choose our circumstances, we can always choose how we live them out.   She writes, encouraging us to travel well on our journey through this beautiful life.  

What Joy has to say about tending her way according to the Word…

My Inspiration to stay rooted often comes from the words found in my late grandmother’s bible.

“It is not enough to own a Bible; We must read it.
It is not enough to read it; We must let it speak to us.
It is not enough to let it speak to us: we must believe it.
It is not enough to believe it; We must live it.”

Growing up in a Christian home, blessed with godly grandparents and parents, God was always the approachable Father figure. As I grew up, got married, and started a career, my relationship with God took a back seat. Instead of God being the first person I turned to, He became my last resort when I couldn’t handle things on my own.

Outwardly I was busy doing all the right things while inwardly, I forgot to tend my own heart. After ten years of building a career I loved, I made the difficult decision to walk away from my known into an unknown future.

My husband encouraged me in this transition to take time to tend my heart. So I dug into various bible studies and began to reset my soul. Eventually, I went back to work, and God blessed us with two boys. Each season of our lives has seen adjustments to what tending my heart needs to look like. In this season, cultivating my relationship with my friend Jesus is focused on Abiding. That looks like waking up, and before anything else, saying, “Good Morning, God.” I then read His Word and pause to let Him speak.

Journaling in the morning has helped me process what is on my heart. God is at work, teaching me the importance of tending my own heart first. What flows out of my heart can set the tone for the entire day.

Sure, a day can start well, then life happens, and it’s hard. However, when our hearts are rooted in solid ground, God becomes our first resource rather than the last resort.

I invite you to keep in touch with Joy through the links below.

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