tending tuesday: tending through hearing

Welcome to *Tending Tuesday*, our opportunity to hear a fellow writer’s voice, one who is seeking to encourage others in their walk with Jesus while tending her own life by the Word of God.

Meet Sarah…

Sarah Heringer is the wife to Ryan and mother to three amazing miracles. Ever a cheerleader she loves encouraging others in their relationship with Christ. She enjoys leading Bible Studies, writing, speaking, and teaching on God’s Word and how to apply it to our lives today. She is passionate about instilling God’s Word and truths into her children with fun and unique activities. She longs for believers to be all in with Jesus and walk in the freedom, healing, and power that only He can provide.

What Sarah has to say about tending her way according to the Word and a simple practical approach to digging in for yourself…

Every morning, I try to get up before anyone else and meet with my Jesus in prayer and through reading His Word. Each day, He speaks to me in a mighty way as I turn the pages of Scripture. Even if it’s a chapter I’ve read many times before, there’s always a newness or fresh word planted in the fertile soil of my thirsty heart. His Word is alive and active, you know? Moving always, growing us, changing us, encouraging us; God Almighty speaking to us in this beautiful book He has left behind for those who seek Him and long to know Him.

My Bible study time was deeply strengthened a few years ago when I began doing the HEAR method of journaling with a small group of friends in a Discipleship Group. We memorized Scripture and met once a week to go over our journals and how the Lord spoke to us through His Word. We all grew so much in our depth, understanding and love for the Bible. I cannot explain how amazing it is, you just have to see for yourself!

The HEAR method: H: Highlight, E: Explain, A: Apply, R: Respond.

First, read a chapter according to a reading plan. Highlight (write out) the verse that God spoke to your heart to convict or encourage. Then Explain the context, what was going on before or after? Who is speaking? Next Apply-how can I apply this to my life today or a current situation/circumstance? Finally, Respond with a prayer or call to action.

Throughout the day, the verse or verses that spoke to me are on my heart and I love drawing strength from them. If we genuinely want to flourish in our walk with him and as a Christian on this earth and keep growing, we need to be in His Word. Who He is and His will for us jumps off these pages if we just get into it! There is nothing like it.

Want to go deeper with the Lord and the words He has left us in the Bible? Try the HEAR method, I promise you won’t be the same!

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