the next generation

I have spent some time in Psalm 78 lately.
This call to tell the next generations of God has been dancing on my heart lately. With all the swirling and evil and sin in this world, with the increasing depravity our children have to see and hear about all around them. Where is there any stability and hope? What can we possibly offer the next generation as they embark on their quest to take up the baton of faith?

Children are the future. Cliché maybe, but true. Not just the ones we have personally birthed or adopted. But the children of our siblings, our neighbors, in our churches. the next generation is our responsibility. All of them. For us of us in the faith to pour into.

Psalm 78 says,

 “He [God] established a testimony in Jacob 
and appointed a law in Israel,
 which He commanded our fathers to teach to their children, 
that the next generation might know them, 
the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, 
so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, 
but keep His commandments; 
that they should not be like their fathers, 
a stubborn and rebellious generation, 
a generation whose heart was not steadfast.”
God gave His word, works and wonders for one generation to tell the next and the next SO THAT they would set their hope in God. So they would have a place to securely set their hope. 
Then history doesn’t repeat itself. Then revival comes. Then generations are marked by Christ, for Christ, and many are saved.
So as a generation how are we doing? Are we faithful to invest in the next generations? Or are we buried face deep into screens and selfish pursuits that we miss the very reason we are called to know His word, works and wonders? You and I are commanded to teach, tell and not forget! So who are you investing in this very week?

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