the secret to a good garden

Tending my physical garden is life-giving to me. Having not been much of a green thumb until the last few years, I am amazed at my own ability to grow and tend a little backyard garden. It’s interesting how much motivation plays a role in how engaged we become in something.

I dearly love good salsa. Well-blended, rich tasting, well textured, fresh salsa on a salty, warm, crisp corn chip is just about all I need by way of food. To wash it down with a well salted margarita, takes the cake!

In my pursuit of yummy salsas, I tried so many brands. I have even mail-ordered salsa directly from Texas! The one ingredient I found that nearly choked me sick every time was the white distilled vinegar most brands, jarred and fresh, use to preserve their product. I love a good vinegar on salad, balsamic of course. Having grown up in NC, I love good vinegar on pork, apple cider please. But in my salsa? No thanks!

Thus began my first salsa garden. I clearly needed fresh ingredients and growing them myself was the freshest option. I grew tomatoes and an assortment of peppers in that first garden.

Then we moved to the beach a few years ago, my sweet man built me my second garden in the yard and boy has it flourished!

Tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers and I even had success with onions this summer! Good soil makes all the difference, as my farm-raised husband told me it would.

So how do those gorgeous fruits and veggies come together into the best salsa? (I know I am biased, but honestly, most people seem to agree it’s pretty dern good.) I think the secret is in the soil. Just as in our own hearts, the prepared soil that can well receive the nutrients is the good soil that feeds into the fruit of that which grows there, as see in Luke 8:8.

And some [seed] fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold.”

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