The Tend Community

Togetherness Bears More Fruit

Like companion planting in a garden, followers of Jesus are invited together to pray, sharpen & encourage one another.

Tending Together Offers:

  • a private community (better than Facebook)
  • video teachings from the Bible
  • guidance with tools to keep tending your soul
  • monthly Zoom gatherings
  • discounts on products & TEND Online Studies

What Members are Saying

My relationship with the Lord has grown in such a big way through this! Highly recommend!

I love Mariel’s passion and love for the Lord and have been blessed by joining her in digging deeper and “tending God’s Word into my soul”.

I’m not a scripture master, far from it, and TENDing has nurtured me along. TENDing has helped me look more deeply to find God in what I’m reading. TENDing will bless your life.

– Tend Community Members

Join Us in Tending the Word Together

Ready to gather with like-minded believers and seek to Tend our souls by the Word Together?