Tend Gathering

Have you worked through Bible study workbooks and methods that leave you feeling overwhelmed and far from God?

The TEND method is a simple method that gives you access to the heart of God as you engage with His Word. It will change your life and grow your intimacy with Jesus!

Our next TEND Gathering begins January 2022!

While you wait for the NEXT TEND GATHERING…

Gathering with like-minded believers, who are seeking to listen to the voice of God through His Word, adds depth and encouragement as you cultivate deep roots in the Lord.

Join us as we learn to hear God through the TEND method and cultivate fellowship with others as we bear fruit.

What others are saying about The TEND Gatherings…

“The TEND course is totally different from any other Bible Study method”


“Mariel’s TEND method has helped me hear from God in a whole new way! My relationship with the Lord has grown in such a big way through this course! Highly recommend!”


“[The TEND method is] just me, my bible, a journal, and the Holy Spirit, and yet really implanting His Word into my heart so I am able to put into action what His Spirit is revealing to me.”


“Mariel’s teaching and guidance were outstanding. Her TEND method helped me to slow down and spend time with scripture in a way that really made it come alive.”



  • Begins January 2022
  • Gather online weekly on Tuesdays @ noon EST
  • TENDing through the book of Jonah


I look forward in growing with you in Christ.