Tilling with gratitude

As the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon this morning, I reached first for my hot coffee and once settled into my favorite chair I opened my gratitude journal. The gratefulness poured out through my pen with increasing ease I reflected on the weekend. I felt the lightening of my heart as the remembrance of gifts were laid out before me in ink.

A table full of those I love.

Breakfast burritos made by my sons.

Handwritten reminders of how they love me.

After my time with Jesus I escaped to the salsa garden. It needed water and I needed to continue to ponder His Words. The healthy soil was growing such rich green plants that were beginning to bear fruit which would soon become my favorite snack with corn chips. It occurred to me that the soil matters. As Jesus teaches in Luke 8:4-8, the soil where the seed lands makes all the difference…

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