what really matters

Our days and calendars didn’t take long to fill up with the shift of the seasons, and even more as the holidays approach. Projects, people, and priorities make demands on our time and our minds. I find myself sitting, daydreaming, and longing for “when things settle down” only to rush into the next task by the buzzing of the device in my pocket.

How do we find and live from the perspective of what really matters?

The noise can keep us so distracted that the real and worthy causes are drowned out. How can we silence the noise and find what it is that matters and live from that perspective? 

Paul had this burden for the Philippian believers he had come to know and love so deeply. The praying women by the river, the confused jailor and his family, all became the church at Philippi to whom Paul wrote while confined to a prison in Rome. This group of ragamuffin believers struggled with unity, the pull of the culture, and the desire to honor Christ with their lives. 

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