who else could use some help?

Who could use some help? *raising my hand*

Especially these days, riddled with fear, loss, instability and more bad news than our souls can bear.

We need help that refreshes our soul. Help that upholds us by a strong hand. Help that will listen and sort through the ridiculous nonsense that crowds our mind.

A place to rest the weariness, a place that is firm, stable and can uphold even the most burdened moments. Where do we go in those moments when we need help the most?

Psalm 54 tells us the secret of being upheld as we tend to those weary, weak and needy places of our soul.

“O God, save me by Your name.”

The name of God provides the help we need, the help we long for, the help that no other person, distraction or vice can provide. Stable help.

The name of God is the illustration of His character. Who He is and what He does. It is the essence of God in a word. Mind-blowing that the Creator would reveal Himself to us in names, words we can call out to in our need.

“Behold God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life,” says the psalmist in verse 4. The psalmist is exposing a name of God to his need. Opening the verse with “behold,” an attention getting exclamation. Literally in Hebrew he is calling to Elohim Azar (God my Help). Not just a proclamation but a promise of His character. He goes on to say my Adonai (my personal Master) is the upholder, or the samak: support, lean, rest, of my life, or literally of my soul, my living being, my self, my desires, my passions, my appetites and my emotions.

The Holy Spirit inspired psalmist announces to his need, his enemies:

Focus here! Helper God, my Master is the place I lean, the support of my soul, my desires, my appetites and my emotions.

Who couldn’t use that kind of help this week? What if I leaned on Elohim Azar (Helper God) as the support for my soul rather than leaning on my husband, my friends, food, drink, social media, distractions…

With every wobble of my soul, I can choose to go to Him as the psalmist does.

  1. Recognize He hears me (verse2)
  2. Remember His name, Elohim Azar, as the promise that it is. (verse 4)
  3. Respond with thanksgiving and praise, for His name is good. (verse 6)

He alone will be the place of stability, so let’s lean hard on the One who will uphold us well.

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