who else needs a shift in perspective?

We can only see through our own perspective. Our life history, the experiences we have lives through, the choices, hurts and disappointments we have found ourselves in.

Yet the word of God challenges us to consider His perspective. The perspective of God from which we were created, bear His image and are called to surrender our life to. His vantage point shifts things when we consider life in light of eternity.

Our vapor of a life is short-lived and in vain if not spent seeking the One we were made to find and living for the purposes for which He created us, even before He made us.

But in His perspective we are valuable, worth His death and beautiful in His eyes.

How then do we go about shifting our perspective to see through eyes we cannot even see physically?

Asaph was a poet of his day, inspired by the Spirit of God to pen the words of psalm 73. As he wrote about the arrogance of the wicked, their malice, and their failure to knowledge the Most High, he began to feel all things were in vain. Why bother choosing good, dying to selfish ways and denying yourself? Look how good those fools have it!

But when I thought to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task, until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I discerned their end. (verse 16-17)

Right there his perspective gets an overhaul.

His mind is shifted and his words change on a dime. He begins to see the reality of eternity over the lies of this material world. He springs forth from that shift with the assurance that God will make those wicked fall to ruin, with the conviction that he had acted like a beast when listening to the lies and with the promise of the hope that God was continually with him, upholding and guiding him.

Asaph walks away assured that those far from God will perish but as for him, it is good to be near God, regardless of what his physical eyes tell him.

How can he be so sure so suddenly?

He went into the sanctuary of God. That is our only hint as to what shifted his heart, mind and words. In. the. Sanctuary. Of. God.

Where can you and I find a sacred place of God?

Because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, those of us who have surrendered to Jesus have become the sanctuary of God. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 assures believers that we are the holy temple of the Holy Spirit of God.

So how can we enter the sanctuary of God for a right perspective? What if we got alone and still enough with Him to actually hear him from within us, through His word?

I need a daily perspective shift. The world screams at me that I need more things, newer things, shinier things. My phone buzzes, social media lies and my own flesh pulls at the threads until I am in such a knot that I feel compelled and justified, like ole Asaph to remember the lies over the truth.

But then I get still. I remember He is God.

I list the gifts He has so very graciously provided me and I am convicted afresh at how underserving I am of those and what a spoiled brat I was to beg for more when I am drowning in much. I repent. I listen for His guidance, grace and forgiveness as He sets my heart, mind and words right.

My perspective is shifted. My day begins with gratitude rather than attitude when I have spent time in the sanctuary of God.

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