who else wants to impact your kids without nagging?

Comfort, ease and health. I would love to make all things go smoothly and well in the life of my husband, children and family. Wouldn’t you?

We often try to manipulate and control those we love in an attempt to fix their life, as we deem necessary. We might even offer unsolicited advice, which us mothers tend to be really good at. Honestly, how in the world will they know the best choice if WE don’t tell them?

Well, if you are anything like me, you probably have a pretty good track record at being a pro at someone else’s life while making poor choices in your own life. I was an amazing parent with all the answers for the years before I had my own children. I knew the best way to redirect a child, discipline a child and train them up. Until I had a child.

How can those of us who can’t control the future or always know what to do or how to respond, how can we possibly have any impact on those we love without the nagging?

We go to the One who DOES control all things sovereignly, always knows what to do and how to respond and actually loves your loved one MORE than you do. The One who died for us to know Him intimately and made the way for us to be heard by Him. In praying to the Lord, we have access to great power and wisdom. Even more so than simply praying (which is just talking to God about anything and everything), we have been given His very words to enable our praying to be even more powerful. His word holds promises and it shows us HIs will, so when we pray it back to Him, we are essentially holding Him to His word. And He never goes back on His word.

So how do we pray the word of God back to Him?

One passage I pray often over my children is Psalm 16. It speaks into nearly every aspect of their lives in this season, as older teenagers. But it works to pray it over any child, grandchild, spouse or even yourself. If you have never prayed Scripture, the Psalms is great place to start since they are mostly written prayer to God anyway.

  1. Read through the passage you are choosing to pray. Notice it’s context and if it is speaking directly to God.
  2. Make it personal, replace pronouns with the name of your loved one as you say the words back to the Lord.
  3. Pay attention to what you are praying and jot down the date you prayed it. It is always amazing to me how the Lord answers those prayers!

Here is how I personalize Psalm 16:1-3 for my children, fill in the blanks with the name of your loved one and lean on God’s truth on their behalf:

O God, I pray you would preserve ____________, may he take refuge in You. May he always say to you that You are his Lord and know there is no good apart from You. As for the saints in the land, the other believers in ____________’s life, I pray they would be excellent in Your eyes and that ____________ would find all his delight in them; befriending godly peers.

I prayed this fervently over my boys when we first moved a couple years ago. I knew they needed good, godly friends to encourage them and I have seen the Lord abundantly answer this prayer in the last two years with great encouragers who love the Lord encircling my boys, saints in the land in whom my boys delight. God is so faithful. If we will just be willing to press into His word and remind our own hearts of it as we pray it over our families, we will see Him move in incredible ways for our good and His glory.

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4 thoughts on “who else wants to impact your kids without nagging?


    Praying scripture has helped me pray in faith and strength! For what more pleasing prayer to His ears and for His glory are the words of His own voice?
    What prayer could I possibly come up with more complete than what He’s written?

    Yes, scripture…the way, the truth, the life.

    Thanks for your prayers.

    1. Absolutely!! What can we come up with more complete than what H ehas written?! Such truth! Yes! It has been a lifeline for me too!❤

  2. I love how practical your article is! And Psalms is a great book to start with in praying Scripture.

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