who wants to always be right?

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The battle rages, the voices get louder and the dividing lines are drawn. We refuse to give up the right to be right and we hold firm and dig our heels in. I know, I’ve done it.

No one wants to give up their right to be right, their opportunity to be heard and recognized as knowledgeable and correct. The ones holding firmest to this are usually those who are furthest from right. Not because they are necessarily incorrect, but because they tend to be the ones who are the ones furthest from God’s way of being right.

We can hold on to even the truth of God and fail to be right. Being right is not just a factual exercise but rather a motive of the heart. Standing firm on our perceived rights is generally a flexibility of the heart. So how is it we can we be right?

If rightness lies in the motive of the heart, then the heart is where we begin. The dichotomy is that being right is more about surrender than holding fast to our rights.

Let’s look at the perfect example of Jesus. Philippians 2:3-5 lays out His rightness before us so that we, too, might follow His character example.

First Paul tells us to do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit after he gives the theme in verse 1 for what he is about to break down,. Our right actions are to act not on selfishness and self-driven passions or desires. If I am more focused on self, then I am not in the right.

Secondly, he teaches what we are to focus on, others. “In humility, count others more significant than yourselves.” The original word for humility here is describing a lowliness of mind, having a right opinion of self. This is not to think poorly of self, but rather to think rightly of self. It is the recognition that self is sinful and in need of saving and rather than promote self when compared to others, we are to humble self in compared to God. Jesus took this stance and elevated others by washing feet He did not have to wash and dying for sinners He had every right not to die for. If I am seeing myself as elevated towards others, I am not in the right. But by the same token, if I am focusing on wallowing in self pity and thinking I am nothing, I discount the value Jesus gave me by dying for me and then I am also not in the right.

Next Paul points out what we are to be looking at, if not the mirror focused on self, then where do we look? He points out that we are to be looking not only our own interests but the interests of others. It is a given that we look to our interests and he doesn’t condemn that until it gets in the way of looking at the interests of others. To “look” in this verse is to contemplate, consider and be aware of. If I am living life always contemplating my own interests and considering only what makes me happy, then I will never have peace or joy nor will I ever be right.

Finally, it is about having the mind of Christ. This is honestly the bottom line. Verse 5 reminds us to have the mind or attitude of Christ Jesus. Think like Him and carry the same attitude of mind that He carried.

He willingly put down His outer garment to take on the towel to wash the feet of dirty men.

He willingly set aside the glory of heaven for the cold, dark life of earth to be a living example for 33 years.

He willingly stripped Himself of purity to take on your sin and mine so that we might surrender to Him and be saved.

He was always right and He will always be right. He is now seated at the right hand of God. If you have surrendered to Him as Savior then you have died to the flesh and your life is now hidden with Christ in God and when Christ, who is your life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory. And there is no more rightness than that.

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14 thoughts on “who wants to always be right?

  1. ‘Always right’ is not my aim;
    I am a humble bloke,
    but I must say, just the same,
    it seems rather a joke
    that I’m always tending
    to be saying sooth,
    and on Twitter I am trending
    as the Dude of Truth.
    Quite uneasy lies this crown,
    but it fits the wearer
    for I took care write down
    when I was in error:
    there was just one time I was shaken;
    thought I was wrong, but was mistaken.

  2. “The ones holding firmest to this are usually those who are furthest from right. Not because they are necessarily incorrect, but because they tend to be the ones who are the ones furthest from God’s way of being right.”

    Once again this is exactly what I needed to have preached to my heart this morning. It’s so hard when others turn to slander to try and make themselves appear right. The temptation is to want to “shout” loudly back and point out their slander and how wrong they are especially when they are slandering someone I love. But the Holy Spirit keeps pointing my heart to 1 Peter 2:23 “When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judged justly.”

    If there was anyone who was slandered unjustly it was Jesus and he had every right to put his slanderers in their place, but he didn’t. He didn’t need to. He entrusted himself to his Heavenly Father. I know he will give us the strength to entrust this situation we are going through right now to our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you for the words of encouragement!


    1. praise God for ministering to your heart, Annie. You are so right, it is so impossibly difficult to be quiet especially in issues of slander. Praise God for the example of Jesus and the leading of His Spirit who councils us to know when to speak up and when to be still. For me it seems checking my motive before Him helps me to know the difference. Thank you for visiting and for your encouragement.

      ❤ m

  3. So true – God’s way of being right is not just about having knowledge or the right answers. So much of it is about our attitude and how we treat others.

  4. Your words describe how our lives should look in all ways….being right, being loving, being wise, being forgiving, and so much more, all in the mindset of Christ who helps us move in that right direction! Thanks you for sharing your wisdom! Your words give me much to think about!

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